Investing in People and Places

We support ourselves by ranching, and we support the communities we belong to. We enjoy helping our neighbors, and bringing our neighbors to help us. We hire local day-workers and contractors when we need extra help and pay them good wages. The mineral and protein supplements that we feed our cattle are milled locally. We donate our time and money and beef to support community programs, educational workshops and convivial gatherings.

We encourage and sponsor young people in our communities through 4-H programs, internships and apprenticeships, and working and learning with us on the land. We collaborate with the Quivira Coalition to host a ranch management apprenticeship program. We are proud to see the young people who work with us make their ways into careers in ranching.


We support and actively participate in these groups:

Holistic Management International
New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts
New Mexico Cattlegrowers Association
New Mexico Livestock Board
Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance
Quivira Coalition
Western Landowners Alliance